netgear router setup without modem

How to setup a Netgear Router without a Modem

Netgear is an industry leader in routers and other networking hardware and offers a wide variety of devices. Setting up and configuring a Netgear router is simple and doesn’t require a modem. Without a modem, this guide will explain how to setup a NetGear router without a modem.

You can bypass the need for a modem while setting up your Netgear wireless router with the help of experts. A modem is not required for a wireless router. Contrarily, a modem and internet service provider (ISP) connection are prerequisites for using the internet. The best results can be achieved by using DOCSIS 3. The satellite extender is part of the Netgear Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, which also features a cable modem and a WiFi router. Not all routers come with the many types of modems available. If your network also has a printer and a hard drive, WI-FI is a great choice for connecting all those devices.

Orbi’s Whole Home Mesh WiFi System has everything you need to cover up to 4,000 square feet, including a cable modem, WiFi router, and a single satellite extender.

The modem connects your home network to the rest of the Internet. It’s a gadget that lets your wired and wireless devices talk to one another without going through the Internet, connecting them all to the Internet simultaneously.

Is a modem required for a Netgear router?

A modem is not required for use with a Netgear router. One such networking gadget that can facilitate this is a Netgear router.

A Netgear router only needs power and a modem disconnect to be set up. After that, all that’s left to do is open Netgear’s web interface and click the settings button. You will need to remove the backup battery from your smartphone for the time being. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the router’s support team at 1-800-439-5301. To access the configuration menu of your Netgear router, enter your IP address into the IP Address box and then press the Enter button. To view the desired internet connection type, click the Next button in the window. On the page congratulating you, select the link that reads “Take Me to the Internet.”

What Does a Router Do That a Modem Doesn’t?

NETGEAR’s modems and routers are standard in many households. The router’s only real purpose is to link your other electronic gadgets to the web. A modem is a piece of equipment that facilitates a connection to the web over analog or digital phone lines.

Although both routers and modems may connect to the internet, some users may choose routers due to their lower price and eliminating the need for a modem. A router can function independently of a modem in some situations.

NETGEAR routers come in a variety of price points and feature sets. The NETGEAR Nighthawk is a top-tier router that consistently ranks among the best sellers. If you’re just a NetGear router setup without a modem home network and don’t yet have any devices hooked up, the NETGEAR Nighthawk is an excellent option.

The CM1000 is preferable to the CM500 if your gadgets can connect to your network. Those with the fastest cable modems will benefit from using the ultra-high-speed cable modem. Most NETGEAR routers are compatible with this modem, and its performance is top-notch.

If you don’t have a cable or phone line but still want to use the internet, you’ll need an ISP and a modem. You can get a modem from your Internet service provider (ISP) or a store like Walmart.

Tutorial: Router Setup Without a Modem

To connect to a wireless network on your computer, click the corresponding icon (either in the Windows taskbar or the Mac menu), then choose the desired network’s name and provide the associated password. If your computer has an Ethernet connection, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router.

You don’t need to know how to setup a NetGear router without a modem. Knowing exactly what kind of router you need before shopping for one is essential. You should use three separate power cables for your modem, switch, and computer. By following the instructions in this article, learn how to install a wireless router without a modem. Be careful not to give out any information about your router. To access the Internet from your laptop or desktop computer, an Ethernet cable must be plugged into a suitable port on the router. If you want your router to issue a new IP address to your computer, you’ll need to restart it. Assuming you have an Ethernet cable, you could perhaps connect your router without a modem.

Instalation of a Netgear Router

How to setup a NetGear wifi router without a modem is painless. Plug in the power adapter to the router after you’ve removed it from the packaging. Finally, hook up your modem to your router using an Ethernet connection. Wait for the router’s status light to become green once you’ve connected the modem. When you’re ready to access the router’s web interface, open a web browser and type in

If you have a NETGEAR router, downloading the free Nighthawk app is the quickest and easiest method to get it set up. The software allows you to examine your network devices, conduct speed tests, and control your WiFi settings. If you’d rather set up your router from a computer or your device isn’t compatible, you can access its settings through its web interface. Try doing it again if your router isn’t working properly after you’ve cycled its power. If you’re having trouble, you can call NETGEAR’s toll-free technical support line anytime, day or night. We use state-of-the-art remote assistance tools to fix your gadgets. ProSUPPORT services are an add-on to your existing warranty and technical support coverage.

A modem is required for use with the Nighthawk router

You can’t use the Nighthawk as a modem. A modem must be used with a router to establish an Internet connection for a local area network.